productive MUSLIM!

Your happiness is not determined by your circumstance. It is determined by your attitude, and your attitude is determined by your iman.

Characteristics of a Muslim character:
  • ¥ A Muslim is truthful, not dishonest
  • ¥ He is humble, not arrogant
  • ¥ He is moderate, not an extremist
  • ¥ He is honest, not corrupt
  • ¥ He is reserved, not talkative
  • ¥ He is soft-spoken, not prideful
  • ¥ He is loving to others, not unmindful of them
  • ¥ He is considerate and compassionate, not harsh
  • ¥ He is polite and helpful, not insulting and disrespectful to people
  • ¥ He is generous and charitable, not selfish and miserly
  • ¥ He is refined and gentle in speech, not prone to swearing or cursing
  • ¥ He is cheerful and generous, not bitter and resentful
  • ¥ He is grateful for what he has, not ungrateful
  • ¥ He is cheerful and pleasant, not irritable and gloomy
  • ¥ He is alert, not absent-minded
  • ¥ He is dignified and decent, not graceless
  • ¥ He is sincere and straightforward, not hypocritical
  • ¥ He is optimistic and hopeful, not cynical or pessimistic
  • ¥ He is confident and deep in faith, not doubtful and wavering
  • ¥ He always has faith in God’s mercy, not losing heart or becoming desperate
  • ¥ He is diligent and vigilant, not negligent to his duties
  • ¥ He is thankful to God and constantly prays to Him, not forgetful of His innumerable blessings 

"SimpLe minds are satisfied by simpListic expLanatiOns." You can’t have goOd ideas, if yOu dOn’t have a Lot of ideas ! :: siMpLe-sHida ::