A Success Story!

A young business reporter found himself seated on a plane next to one of Australia's most successful
businessmen. He recognised the man immediately and was very excited about the prospect of scoring an
interview with him. Alas, the businessman made it clear he was much more interested in catching up on
some much-needed sleep.

But our young friend was persistent, so he leaned over and said,
"Excuse me, Mister, but I'd really appreciate knowing the secret of your success. Can you give it to me in a
nutshell, please?"
Without opening his eyes, the businessman replied "Two words… make decisions!"
The young reported mulled these words over and over in his mind. Finally, unable to decipher the mystery,
he disturbed the businessman again.

"Sorry to bother you, but something troubles me. How on earth do you know how to make the right
The reply was immediate.
"One word… experience!"
Once again, the youngster turned the idea over in his head until he could no longer resist one final
"I'm sorry, sir, but you have me intrigued. How do you gain the experience needed to make those right
The reply?
"Two words… wrong decisions!"

The message behind this story is simple - to succeed, you have to have a go. It doesn't matter if you make a
wrong decision, as long as you make a decision and then have a go. You will soon know if it was wrong and
then you can change it to the right one - much better than no decision and hence no action at all!
You will never be successful if you do not have a go!

Nothing works unless you work…
Networking does work…
It will work for you…
if you work.