How to Be a Good Team Player

How to Be a Good Team Player

Maximizing Your Contribution

Have you worked for teams where everyone pitches in, and you all work together in perfect harmony? Do you always play to your strengths in a team, or are there times when the group you're in just doesn't gel? Either way, teamworking is such a vital way of completing projects that it's worth developing and refining the skills that will help you make a valuable contribution to whichever type of team you're in.

Tips for Being a Good Team Member

Don't cherry-pick projects. It can be tempting to choose only those projects that seem easier, or ones that offer more benefits. But if you choose more difficult projects, and accept what's offered to you, you'll earn a reputation for being a hard worker. Your boss will notice your willingness to take on a challenge, and it will pay off in the long term.

Support other people on your team by offering positive feedback, and providing help if they need it. Your willingness to collaborate and help others will make a good impression on both the group and upper management.

Share information and resources with your team. Remember, you're all there for one purpose - and by keeping everyone informed, you contribute to that goal. If you have past experiences or knowledge that can help others, then offer it. They'll appreciate the help.

Keep a positive attitude. If you complain, delay, or give the tough assignments to others, people will notice - and they may start to avoid you. A positive attitude can be a refreshing change, and it will help others stay focused and productive as well.

 Key Points

Being a good team player isn't always easy. Teams are usually created to solve difficult problems, and they often have tight deadlines and strict budgets. But this can be your chance to shine. Look at teamwork as not only a challenge, but a great opportunity.

Help your team by using your strengths, clearly understanding your role, and staying flexible and reliable until the project is completed. Be positive, and help others as much as you can. By being cooperative and willing to work hard, you'll make a good impression on everyone - including your boss.