Boost Your Motivation!

Motivation is the rocket fuel that boosts our effectiveness and dynamism; it is the crucial, mysterious ingredient in everything we do that can mean success or failure, fulfilment or disappointment.

If there was a simple equation, such as

will to succeed + determination = motivation

everyone could be totally motivated all the time.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula because we each have different triggers that launch us into "get going" or "keep going" mode. However, there are ways of discovering your triggers and hot buttons, so that you can find ways of boosting your motivation whenever you need to.

And once you can do this, you are on your way to becoming dynamic, successful and fulfilled.

All you need is a self-belief and the will to use these three dynamic tools in combination:

1. Visualisation. Spend some time before you start on your course of action imagining the world as it will be when you have completed it. Create a mini-movie in your mind of the way things will look, sound and feel when you have achieved your goal and, once you have created it, run it in your mind regularly. Your subconscious will become a powerful ally in helping you to achieve your goal because it will pick up on this mini-movie and the new "reality" it creates, and will subtly enhance everything you do that takes you towards this new reality.

2. Self-awareness. Knowing yourself and what your real values in life are will make it simple for you to decide whether what you plan to do aligns with your deep-seated beliefs. For example, if family life is one of your key values, you will much more likely to achieve goals that take this into account. If you were to embark on a course of evening classes to learn a new skill which would help you to achieve your goal, you might find it difficult to keep your motivation for the classes high if it meant that you had to miss out on important family time.

3. Self-confidence. If you feel confident that you can achieve your goal, you give yourself a huge, automatic motivation boost. Conversely, if you have even the tiniest doubt in your mind that you can actually achieve what you set out to do, you may find your enthusiasm flags quickly. You can boost your self-confidence in many ways, one of which is to step outside your comfort zone frequently and reflect on what you have done. A great way of checking your confidence as you start working towards a new goal is to assess how easy it is to visualise the world as it will be after you have achieved it. If you find it difficult to create your mini-movie, try adjusting your goal until it becomes easy to "see" what your world will be like once you have achieved your (more realistic) goal.

These three simple, powerful tools will help you to stay on course and give you the ability to boost your motivation whenever you need to. Using them will enable you to achieve the success you deserve. Good luck!


Let's see 5 tips on how to create a better you and improve your personality.

1. Know yourself

The most important thing to do is knowing yourself. Know who you really are. There are different type of people so know which type of people are you. By knowing and understand about yourself, you will get a clear idea on how you improve yourself. Believe me, different people have different ways to improve!

2. Good relationship with others

A good person has a good relationship between him/her no matter it is family, relatives, friends and other people around. This relationship involves communication where you can make other people around you feel easy to communicate with you. By doing this, you are improving your personality both inside yourselves and toward others. Respect other people and they will respect you.

3. Manage your time well

Time is very crucial in our life. Most successful person are they who manage their time well. Manage your time accordingly and don't ever waste your time. Make your own schedule and apply it in your daily life. When you are success in managing your time, you have a good discipline in yourselves and improving your personality.

4. Balance your life

Create a balance between things in your life. Don't mix your works with your personal life. Mixing a lot of things gives the chance to create havoc in your life so avoid this. Put balance allocation between things in your life and live accordingly to it. By doing this, you have a good chance to be a better you.

5. Always be patient

Some people might already ignore this but believe me - patience is wisdom! Person with less patience has the chance to burst anytime and make the thing becomes worst. Be patient in all the things you do whether it involves other people or non-living things such as vehicle, machine and etc. Always be patient so you can be a better you!