Self Reflection

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Assalammualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Wa jahidu fillahi haqqa jihadi

As we tread this course of life, there are times when it feels like we are floating on thin air. As the sins shoots through us like bullets, shooting through our eyes, ears, mouth, and bodies, staining our soul with splattered of woe and worries, while our protective shield seems to weaken from the lack of tadzkeer and jihad. It made us feel weak, for we know, deep down, that we are letting the whispers of syaitan pierce through our hearts. Days feels like years and time seems to leave us hanging there, isolated from the creatures that are doing tasbeeh and tahmeed to the Allmighty Creator.

Astaghfirullah hal azheem
But there are choices. We can either choose to stand there and be attacked by our own self and become crippled in the position of a sinner, pitying ourselves and letting the was-was engulfed our hearts and blinding it or we can choose to fight it, control it and to wage jihad against our own nafs al-lawwammah. As we are still breathing the blessings of tawheed and tasting the sweetness of iman, there are still time and opportunities to break our sinful desires.

Subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahu akbar
It must be beautiful, to experience the sweet immersion of iman on our hearts and soul where we become lions at daytime, walking with al-hawn, waging jihad and answering the call of Allah; while at night, it softens and becomes as light as feathers, while we cry in tears of repentance and pouring our hearts only to Allah. Imagine, if we were to cut the flesh that are protecting the hearts of the mujahideen to see it beating with vigor and pumping blood that are filled with the spirit of jihad, it will never dawned on us that these mukhlisin, who walked on this blessed earth with piety, eyes that avoids even the minutest of sins or al-fahsya, a smile that warms the heart of his fellow brothers, a tongue that only speaks of al-Haq and dhikrullah, attitudes that are firm yet considerate, and the sunnah embedded in every movements of their limbs are filled with this boiling spirit that only shows its true color when facing the enemy of Allah or when planning to improve the condition of him/herself and the ummah.

Masha Allah tabarakallah
What are we waiting for dear brothers and sisters?

The end is so near yet we are still like this, we claim we have changed yet how much have we really changed? How much of this deen that we have managed to learn and understand? How much of the portion of the book of Allah have we recited and act upon? Yes, it differs between each of us on the level of practice of the teachings of the prophet s.a.w and the book of Allah, yet, we are still not united, especially our hearts, it seems that individualism and our egos are still barring us from tasting the sweetness of faith, we are united to do sins yet in doing righteous deeds, we are apart. Funny isn't it that we claim we are brothers yet we still are not able to bring ourselves and our fellow brothers in islam to the mosque/musolla for congregational prayers especially for Fajr and Isya'.

The mosques are calling you O' brothers is creed
The book of Allah is calling you to read it and act upon it O' brothers in iman
The sunnah are calling you to unity and kinship O' brothers in islam
The hijab is calling you to piety and al-haya' O' sisters in creed

Whatever we do now, we will be responsible for it in the hereafter

This is a reminder and a slap to the one who are typing this whom Allah will ask on the day of judgment. May Allah showers us with His grace and His love so that we can travel in this world under His light and mercy. May Allah grant us with an end that is husnul khatimah. Insya Allah.

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