rest at hOme... kOnvO uKm..

12 ogos- ahad
1st plan, macam nk p dgr forum d usj..
but then.. alone.. nk p usj pun blum tau direction..
But sure can ask ukhtie sU.. o sahabat lain…

at last.. plan just rest at home..
Morning, kemas rumah..

iron my clothes for the whole weeks..
cook lunch.. then.. after zohor went to cc..
Check emails, postings..etc.. 5.30++ back home..
6.20pm.. pak busu..mak usu and her daughters came..

p.busu repair back my cpu..hehe..
Yesterday already send but not much time to test..

coz I’m still in work time..

Then, 6.40pm.. ok.. pc can switch on already =) thanks busu…
Cooked for dinner.. ate with my housemate..

then…prayed Quran..*-*
Waiting for the halaqah series.. but football match..

erm.. xde ker..?
mybe after match ni.. just my monolog..
On pc.. doing my jobs.. type address..letters..etc.. till 12++

Sahabatku umi salamah & my junior uum.. yati.. bestday..
Moge murah rezeki kalian…

dipermudahkan segala urusan…aminn =)
13 ogos – isnin
Meting as usual.. then.. busy follow up cases D2D..
then, meeting with our team staffs..
Next.. plan to go ukm.. my sister’s konvo.. also our staff’s team..
Me, fion, eida, ravana & sir.. shoot to ukm..
but, stop at semenyih.. lunch..

Everybody hungary…hehe..

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we all ate nasi ayam + kerang rebus+ cucur udang..
Best juge rasenye..hehe.. today’s sir punye wife bestday..
just around the stall.. his wife schools..

so, he invite her wife to have lunch with us.. =)
Alhamdulillah.. nasi ayam ku habis..heheh.. tapi ade cebisan ayam yg tak dpt kuhabiskan.. kerang rebus sampai 3 pinggan kami bertiga makan..hehe..
After all finish eating… we all continue our trip to ukm..

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Reached ukm… went cimb update my account book & request for bank statement..

next, went to mosque.. zohor time…
Menapak with eida.. to convo hall… before that.. melilau cari prize nk bg pd shera ni.
I prefer buy bear than flower.. bunga layu maa.. whatever… we just walked around..

Lastly.. just buy simple prize for her..hehe..
By 5++ meet her.. we all snap picture together…
Compare to uum.. uum looks more exciting.. etc…
But ukm.. cam xramai je.. jm3.30-4 pm graduan dah exit hall..
Survey harga bunga.. bear.. quite mahal.. kalu uum bear tu rm10 – rm15 jer..
Sini.. ermmmmm…. Heheh.. ku ngomel pada sahabatku eida..

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Dah habis sesi bergambar.. solat dulu.. then.. ke tapak ekspo..
Sume dh lapo..maka bersantaplaa kami di gerai yg jual char kutiew..

Kalu kenal sahabat kat ukm ni.. bleh jumpe.. tapi xde no contact.
Kenal pun brp orang je.. alahai.. xde rezeki… ^-^
By 6.45pm.. we exit ukm.. then back to kajang.. next.. I reached at my home.. around 8.15++.. rushing for maghrib.. next.. isyak…
Rest.. clean up things… rase lapaq pulak.. cek masak naa.. nasi ade skit lg..
Rumate said.. ok je..hehe..
Just cook sup..goreng nugget..

then.. kami together bersantap.. =)
Continue typing job a little bit.. then.. jom tidoq…..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

cOngraTES dik…
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sHera degree in bio-microbiologi...