my entry bLog show that
hOw the Harapan Look likes..ehehe..
let’s think.. let’s imagine..
when someone give u sOme pRospect or hOPe..
but iN thE enD…huhuu… ^-^

sOmething hAPPen..
that we ALL for sure don’t want it happen
like that and going that way..
whO we Are… WhO can deny and defend it??

Huh.. of course no bodylah..
why? Limaza? ALLAH kNows better..

::: kun fayakun:::..
the WORD mean a thousand meaning….
ehehe.. am I write…

vocab look tunggang keterbalikkan..ahakss.. =)

ila adikku nur HAzwani… la baa’safih dik..
lps dik bg sms tu.. kak dah bz babas juge..
ke hulu..hilir.. byk keje kena wat..
then, kak bce sms dik.. delete.. and just go on my jobs..
sje tidak memiscal.. au msg.. rentetan kak pun bz..
tambah lg dik yg sememangnye bz dgn mandat di bahu..
aiwah..ehehe.. maafkan kak..
kok dik rase tercalit o terseWaktu dgnnye…
(testing.. xnk mcall dik..eehehehe…

yeah… dik mcall kak 4 kali ek…ahakssss…)

my Planning wanna back hOme to village..

on Friday.. but before that I have pLan the
mOtivatiOn camp for my bro’s school..
but sometin happen…
my paper work missing somewhere bcOz of the headmaster
missing the paper..huhu... and last.. submit late…
then, got problem some more..
school already plan the schedule that week..
they organize for latih tubi week..
so.. wHO am I to battle it..??

hihii.. no wonder laa.. fine… I’m ok…
at least I have done my planning and
last the date not consent… ^-^

so that, change pLAn.. nawaitu nk lik kg..

jumpe mak..abah.. adiks..
nk kemas bilik tu.. buy things to keep all
my books and sisters’s book.
Got sOmething to give them..
hope so can give it by my Hand.. yaduN… =)

Thursday 28 jun.. night went to Office.. got things to do..
all my staff there too. Suddenly bos point me
to go to kelantan for job fair.. come.. no plan.. no ribut.. pOKok goyang…
last must go..At least we plan.. bla..bla…
the decision.. cancel trip..ehehhe..

Friday I got little fever.. my Body feel not so well..then..
in the evening I getting sick….
moge ade butiran pepasir maghrifah dariNYa.. insyaallah…

My trip planning wanna back village pOstpone..
to Saturday.. but then.. Postpone to Sunday….erm……

Friday nite.. something happen..

just let be my secret.. S.A ..
I didn’t receive msg from u.. didn’t get msg from u too
about what u have done..well.. the cHOice is urs..
u cHOOSe the desion.. and the way..
so.. I can’t pretend it.. hope u will find the better way…
and wish u all d best in ur undertakings… ^-^ huhu…

la Tahzan..eheheh..
( ups.. S.A the girl that I know her on jan 07 )

Saturday.. when office quite late..
then.. 1 pm.. me and housemates together walk.. back home..
after pray.. we cOOK some meals.. then having lunch together..
next.. on pc a while.. later., we all sleep…
I plan 5 pm going to cc..

but all same condition with me.. zzzzz hehe..
Mybody still cold a little bit.. influenza…
just wearing my sweater.. everytime.. in the evening..
cook some jemput-jemput..
than.. after maghrib cook some sup sayur and other meals..
bla..bla..bla.. sleep alone outside..
Sunday.. just prepare all things to balik kg..
then.. 10am.. going back with my roommate….
Reach home around late night.. got things to do before….
Ate durian 2 slices.. then.. bath.. enter my room.
Have a chats wit my sister until 1am..bla..bla..

ok dik.. tidoq laa.. esok kak nak lik awai..
jm8 dah nk jalan..

Just to short the stori mori.. dpt lik kg kejap..
hope I can balik kg lame skit..
One things.. my mum cook sup ketam for me..ehhe..
my mum knows that I’m she cook for me..
I just sleep in dining room..till noon.. then.. lunch.. =)

sempat borak ngn adik..

ain.. p Scotland last mei.. just saw the albums..
nice trip dik.. caiyok dik..=)

I ushaa the result…every semester..
Fuh.. DEkan sokmo laa.. tabik spring.. compare PMR…
slow.. SPm.. up skit.. STPM ade 1 A.. lain B…
then.. she show the marvelous achievement!!
The best way.. when u as STUDent..
no matter how bz u join the program..
activities.. u should & must settle down all the asgmts… homeworks etc..
make sure manage time perfectly + effectively..
that’s the key to success..
What u do now.. will change ur future..
so.. just go for it!!