// happy frenshipp day //

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1 august..
Ok…today wanna change new version.. English version..
1st of all.. wanna wish.. “ HAPPY frenship DAY ”
To all my members…

Hope our relationship… forever..
ALLAH blessing u all..may all d best in ur undertakings..

Got msg from elly-bibm..yati-fc..syud..
Hehe… thanks..

7.40… ups.. quite late.. drive to scholl’s fatin..
Send her to scholl laa..hehe..

Then..back home.. sit in front of the pc..heeheh..

Actually nuthin to talk.. for today’s story..
Coz quite early to story telling…
So..till here laa.. still tired season.
By the way.. ::: happy friendship day ::
In the end.. ------<@