TiREd wEEk ^-^


16 mac
after pray maghrib..read YASSIn.. get ready to pendang..
wit my rumate.. I drive to adopt family’s house..
reach village.. around 10.15.. mum already sleep..hihi..
look so tired..

rest.. mum cook meal for us.. get dinner for 2nd time..
actually I already hv my dinner + buke pose..hihi..
after ate.. watch tv till 11.30.then.. I got call from fazli-UNIC..

bla..bla..bla..bla.. more to confirm can join our KEM IBADAT..
em..just wait n see..

pray isyak.. bla..bla.. 1.30++ sleep..

9am.. get breakfast wit mum..
then.. help put chocolate inside the box..hihi..
I’m so sleepy.. then I sleep..hihi. my rumate ida just continued..
Till 1pm.. finish up all the thing.. bath..pray..

Get lunch wit mum, father, bro LI.. who..the PRIDe…hihi..
Wedding on Saturday..

Finish our lunch.. get permission from mum.. to back UUM..
3pm.. back home..

we stop at alor setar.. bought something to bro LI and dik YA..
she got 8A in PMR.. well done.. =)

5pm reach at UUM.. hurry up…hihi..

pray asar.. and ready to dinner my seminar class..
must wait at bus stop mall 5.30 pm..

em..em..em.. 6.30.. went to alor setar..

8.30++ dinner.. begin..
so far.. not bad… bla..bla..bla..
1.30 reach at college..
pray isyak.. switch on pc.. edit a little bit petronas asgmt..
3.00++ sleep….zzzzzzzzzzz

8.50 drive to campus.. got speech about practicum courses..
bla..bla.. till 11am..
went to mall.. 12.50.. drive to pendang..
after all my members already in my car..hihi..
my rumate..ida.. members shida.. husna..zaidah..

2pm reach at shida’s mum house.. get pray 1st.. then.. ate LAKSA..
nyum..nyum.. quite delicious.. tastes 2 types of LAKSA..hihi..
next.. went to my mum’s house..
bro LI already change his wedding’s clothes..huhu..
can’t see n snap pic laa..^-^

get lunch for 2nd time.. bla..bla..
went to mosque waiting asar..

6.20.. leave pendang..huhuh.. mum looks said.. =(
forgive me mum.. thanks so much..
mum give us so many meals n so on..

7.20.. stop at mosque..
pray maghrib.. then.. get dinner at jo CENDUL café..
back home to UUM..

arrive kachi hill.. bath.. pray ISYAK..
settle all my works..
2am++ sleep..

>>> msg wit wani..huhu.. dik.. la TAHZAN..
don’t give up ye…ALLAh alwizz blessing u..amin..amin..

19 mac
9.15am enter Arabic clas..
end.. 10am.. went to mall print petronas assignment..
11am.. enter science social clas.. wait..wait.. 11.30.. lect didn’t enter..
so.. assume class cancel.. meet lect.. pass up the asgmt..

get lunch wit mizah..farah..nat..
12.30.. enter strategic management class..
2.00++ back college..

pray zohor…

tonite have assembly wit NC.. quite lazy to go..
so.. just stay at my room..doing works…

Berilah aku kekuatan..

dalam menempuh segala cabaran yg mendatang..
Berilah aku petunjuk wa HIDAYAH dariMU..
Moge KAU permudahkanlah urusanku…