Quite busy.. ^-^


after zohor.. went to campus.. meet ustaz a while..
went to p2k..settle all the things.. make copy for tentative..
laminated name tag.. fill in the file sources..etc..

5pm..back home to college..pray.. get ready to a.star..
umi reached already.. I thought area 6pm++
6.30.. arrive at shahab.. rest.. and have tea..waiting for maghrib..
I’m fasting today.. so.. getting my dinner la..hihi..

Pray maghrib.. then.. back to uum..
Quite tired..bla..bla..bla..

7.20.. drive to cmpus..take out all the things at p2k..

and set up all for registration part.. 8.30. fetch umi..
and we went to telekom hall..
watch INTEAM programme..bla.bla..bla.. till 11.30.

I went to convensyen centre.. just around 15 minutes.. bla..bla.. etc..

1pm++ get lunch.. 2.30.. went to next programme..

enter the lect room..and listen to the speech.. till 4.30..
finish up all the things..

6pm. Back to college.. pray 1st.. then plan to go to c-mart..
but we meet sis asmah on the way to chgloon..

she invite us to go to kuala perils.. hihi.. so change the plan..hihihi.

reach kuala perlis 7.30pm..pray.. then.. have dinner..
bla..bla..bla.. 9pm.. back to college..

plan to invite dehearty to our camp.. em..em..em..
so..just waiting for their decision..

3am..++ hihi.. chat wit ena.. in US…

just share my knowledge that I received tis afternoon.. bla..bla..bla..
sleep around 4am… *-*

morning.. finish a little bit my work..

then..12.30pm.. went to alor setar.. show umi..the alor setar.. pekan rabu..bla..bla..
bought sometin to bring home..hihi.. went to jitra…n so on..
7pm.. went to muamalat.. meet sis asmah…sis shaf..etc..

8pm went to changloon bus stand.. umi back to seremban..

erm.. finish the p2k programmes.. just slow down.

Quite tired..bla..bla..bla..