:: outing.. to JITRA…

24 mac
11.00.. wani..syakimah..munirah..n mmber follow me..hihi..
actually.. they wanna visit their fren.. ilyani.. in hospital jitra..
but on the way.. arrive at hospital.. she already quit..hihi..

so.. we just go strait to jitra.. shoping..bla..bla..
get lunch.. zohor.. then rest at tasik jitra..
em..em.. chat.. see the lake.. bla..bla..
pray asar.. then back to uum..

tonite got meeting KEM IBADAT..
tomorrow free maybe..hihi..

for the 1st.. my plan to langkawi.. visit adopt’s family house..
but.. cancel.. then wanna go to picnic.. myb cancel too..
so.. just rest in room.. yihaaaaa…hihi.. got things to do..
iron my clothes.. for 1 week..
edit all my asgmt..KHIND..
ok… roger..

wanna go to café.. buy meal for dinner..
tis morning msg to kcik..
hihi.. miss my sis..
lamo xdgr cito..hehehehe

in the end.. =)

stUdy mOLek deH....hait..hait..=) Posted by Hello