to pEnAng *-*

1st February 2006 – Wednesday

10.30 went to international business studies faculty (FPA)
take formal letter to make an interview.. find my lecture mrs marlin..
huhu.. not in her room.. so.. I just walked to p2k..
got meting 11am. Bla..bla..bla.. got new job..

after that.. drive to penang.. my member Faizah join me..
reached at airport-bayan lepas.. around 2.15.. waiting for bro anas..
quite hungry.. coz I didn’t eat anymore.. just drank water before out from my room..
3.45++ bro anas.. wit his mum..wife.. came..cute baby..hihi.. =)

so.. waiting for the CEO…4.45pm.. meet the CEO..
Sir Morten.. I just wit him.. ask sometin..bla..bla..
Got picture.. but inside my mmber digital camera.. soon I publish..=)

Next.. 5.20.. went to restaurant in batu maung..

have my lunch..after that.. pray jama’
Then.. we went to the beach…hihi.. walked along the bridge…snap some picture..
Bla..bla..bla.. raining…huh.. so.. I drive slowly…

Back home to sintok.. stop RnR Gurun.. wanna pray.. but no water..

so.. just have our dinner ate nasi lemak..
next.. drive to uum.. before that.. at chgloon.. stop to pray jama’
Reached at my college.. 11.20pm.. bath.. rest..

ate keropok lekor.. rumate bring from her village..

Today I spent $$$
Rent car = RM50
Petrol = RM45
Tol = RM 30
Eat = RM 10

Erm..erm..erm…new experiences.. nice journey..

got new
Chat wit faizah.. hihi.. thank’s faiz.. so much..

for spend time wit me..
Hihi.. that’s all… quite tired…