Life in February..


1st feb.. bla..bla.. already story wat happen..

2nd feb – Thursday
morning..9-10 arabic class
next..11-12 science social class
bla..bla.. back to college..

3rd feb- Friday
actually got meeting+briefing about the FC course for 10 feb..
but.. too lazy to go..hihii. so just spent time in room..

do my own works.. around 4pm.. I sent my CPU to workshop..huhu.. ^-^

4th feb-Saturday
wat happen.. I forgot laa..hahaha..

5th feb- Sunday
as usual.. class Arabic.. sc social..

6th feb- Monday
10am.. discussion MNC asgmnt.. finish discuss..

explore internet..
went to mall make copy for schedule of pray..

( am I rite the way to say..** jadual solat** hihi..)
class 2-3.30.. pn marlin pick up me to present hihi.. bla..bla..
between MAS + AIR ASIA.. so.. I stand for MAS strategy.. bla..bla..bla..
next.. got discussion for IB policy… bla..bla.. class 5-6.30pm.

7th feb- Tuesday
as usual.. class Arabic.. sc social…
12.00 got session photography.. for last sem.. BIBM my course.
So.. I went to foyer FPA.. snap pic.. bla..bla.. soon I publish.hihi..
Then rushing to class strategic management.enter class quite late..
end class.. get lunch.. pray..
went to mall.. bank in my BCB

back to college.. rest.. em.. sad news..

my rumate not so well she got bleeding.. her nose..^-^
so I went to café buy ices..tis week the weather..quite hot..
after bath..pray..went to mall meet zaidah..

then.. my college.. i don’t know to think.. ( sembur denggi..)
quite tired at tis moment..*-*
so.. just stay outside.em..em..em.. till 7.30pm..
pray jemaah wit rumate..
alhamdulillah.. since we stay together.. tis sem..

we alwys pray jemaah for maghrib.. n sometime for subuh too..
every Thursday nite.. we read YASiin.. together.. =)

8th feb- Wednesday
2pm went to seminar clas..bla..bla..
gap 3.30-5pm went to p2k.. help sometin..
4.55 went to IB policy clas.. got presentation..
well done.. good present..hihi.. we try make better soon..
my team next week..hihi..

end class 6.20.. then went to surau.. pray asar..
9pm got assembly.. which introduce new JPPK..
just go.. wanna see the new FACE JPPK..hihi..

got my CPU.. one junior come to room..wanna scan..
nutin to story..

tomorrow 10 muHARRAM..
insyaALLAH.. I fasting..=)

tomorrow nite got briefing for Friday program..
Saturday..outing to alor setar..hihi.
Sunday.. got discussion for DEBAte session..
Em..em.. I still didn’t have d complete info for MAS issue..
Huhuh.. tired to find..hihi… ^-^

Wanna list down my activities..

handle around myb 300 person..emm..em..em..
12.2 – discussion.. for seminar class have DEbat session.. on 22.2
15.2- present the IB policy case studies
17.2 – exam mid term science social 100 QUEstion..
22.2 – present debates about MAS.. I as side disAgree..hihi..
24.2- got program for “ MENGHADAPI ALAM KERJAYA” as fc...

24-27. em..em.. debate Arabic.. not sure where.. the place..
wanna join.. but not too confident.. huhu..

coz long time no speak n learn Arabic..huhu..

I think that’s all.. too sleepy….now..
Doa+pray for me.. amin..amin..amin.. =)