10/12- Friday
7.40AM went to DEWAN TELEKOM…
actually I’m FC ad HOC for regist.. but already hv Fc..

so.. just be as inviter..hihi.. who enter the HALL..
just show the way to their seat.. =)

bla..bla..bla.. start 1st LDK.. handle.. around 23person..
ast session.. “ ice breaking” bla..bla..bla.. stop lunch n pray..

2.30pm.. continue.. others LDK.. bla..bla.. bla.. quite lazy to type..
end 6.00pm.. reach at college.. rest.. bath..

nite.. tired.. do some works.. bla..bla..


11/2- Saturday
10.30am.. drive to alor setar..
1st destination.. to bank pertanian.. close..huhu..
then.. just went to TOWER alor setar..
tis for 2nd time..hihi.
around 1pm..get lunch at mc Donald..
pray zohor.. then.. window shopping at city plaza..
buy t-shirts.. bla..bla..bla..
enter popular bookshop.. read the dr fadzillah books.. =0
nice.. wisdoms….etc..

next.. drive to pacific…walk..walk..walk..
5.30.. waiting for my members…suddenly.. I saw..
my luving petsis.. KAk Long..hihii..

I hon..pin..pin..hihi.. the she smile.. n shake hand..
Aiyaa.. long time no see maa.. she said.. drive father’s car..
Em.. be carefull sis.. coz no sticker.. soon u got the penalty..
Bla..bla.. =)

Pray asar.. n mosque area jitra..
Then.. drive back to chgloon.. pray magrib.. jemaah…
Next.. went to c-mart.. buy sandle..hihi..
I meet mum’s frens.. for the 1st.. I saw her.. then she saw me..

Hihi.. last.. she ask me.. dok sitiawan ka..??
Ye..yea.. hihi.. anak rahmah.. anak uncle johari..=)

Hihi.. ni mak cik sal.. ic.. tu la.. mcm penah tgk..hihi…

Bla..bla.. send regard to mum ye.. insyaALLAH..

Then.. get dinner.. TOMYAM erm.. delicious…hihi..
10.15pm.. back to UUm…
bla..bla..bla.. bath.. rest..


** em..em.. my body getting ill.. myb getting fever..

huhu.. not much time sleepp..hihii hope soon i'll fine...