In tHe eNd of 1426


25/1 – Wednesday
I did it again.. ^-^ wash telekung.. 10 reach in front the class but.. sometin happen..

huhu.. only I knows.. n my frens knows..
then… I walk to lab.. explore..

12++ meet lect.. ask about the marketing modul..she said.. she didn’t have..

so.. I went to PACE..ask the same question.. try come tomorrow..
I’ll find the stock.. said the person who incharge..

quite hungry.. before.. sms to sis shaf.. wanna have lunch together..

but.. she reply 5 minutes late..huhu.. so.. I just have my lunch..
em.em..em.. sory sis.. =(

I have my lunch alone.. then one girl come and I invite her to seat wit me..

she bought nasi ayam.. I just watch her acting..while drank the lemon tea ice..
em..em.. good girl..eventough she kristian.. still read DOA before eat..
c.. em..em..

26/1- Thursday
just got 2 class.. 9-10 arabic.. next 11-12 science social..
went to library.. bla..bla..bla..back college..
6pm.. diya’ family come..and I went to petmum’s perlis..
stay 2 night..then make other plan..hihi..

7.30++pm.. shoping wit mum.. bought things.. bla..bla..

8.30 back FORUm PErdaNA ISLAm.. bla..bla..
have dinner around 10.30..before sleep.. thinking about the MAS debate point..
12.45++ sleep..zzzzzzzzzz

7.30.. follow mum to school.. mum as teacher-kindergarden..hihii
then.. I drive kancil to mak lang’s house.. before.. I bought nasi lemak..
em.. still got the 30 cent maaa… hihi… also 50 cent for the regular..
stop near the beach.. bla..bla..bla.. 9.30.. went to mak lang’s house..

nice things happen..
I ate ice cream..nyum..nyum.. similar wit conetto..but not the brand laa..hihi..
Next.. I ate ciku.. long-long time no eat the fruit maaa..
Lunch.. mak lang cook the IKAN BAKAR -TERUBUK.. so delicious… =)

3.30pm.. went to bus station.. meet again diya there..hihi..
4pm.. my butterworth..
6.40pm reached there.. have solat jama’..

then.. waiting for the bus to kuala muda..
7.30pm.. get in bus.. take around one hour journey..
8.30pm.. reached in front the wani’s house.. =)

29/1- Sunday
gong xi fa cai to all m members our there..

don’t forget to bring the mandarin maaaa…hihi.. =)

3.30 pm.. went to pantai merdeka..
em..em..em.. memorie MEGAJK..2004
then.. 5pm went to hospital.. visited wani’s neighbour…

30/1- Monday
11.30.. went to alor setar.. wani back home to UIA..
thank’s so much sis.. =)

1pm.. reach shahab.. keep my beg at luggage site..

then..went to pekan rabu.. sms to sis wani.. said that I at pekan rabu..
next.. she invite me to go to her house..hihi..
so.. I’m waiting her to pick up me..

have lunch wit sis watch tv..
read doa AKHIR TAHUN 1426… ^-^

6.15pm.. she send me back to pekan rabu..
so.. I just walk alone.. find the sandal.. n etc..
7.30.. went to shahab….mizah reach the same time..
then.. we together back to uum..

8.05pm.. stop at mosque.. pray maghrib..
hope I be better than last year..

reach at college 9pm.. bath.. etc..
10pm.. have dinner.. bla..bla..
12++ isyak.. explore internet.. try to update the antivirus.
Huhu.. speed so slow… =(