in campus…

01/01/2006- Sunday..
actually…tis the 1st day.. welcome to campus..hihi..
start n begin.. last sem..last uum..

Monday-2/1 settle all my add drop.. n register for practical..
Choose malacca n kL…

Moreover… quite hard.. all my papers..
I take Arabic.. social science..multinasional corporation..
International business management seminar..strategic management..
International business policies..all 6 papers..

Em..em.. got 1st asgmt.. interview the manager/GM/Director....MNC
- must expatriate..
- bla..bla..
- so.. must find the soon as possible..
- next.. debate.. in group.. got MAS topic..aiyaaa..
about the MAS problem.. revive…bla..bla..bla..present after chinese new year.. *-*

IB policies..clas.. got cases to present..erm..erm..

My luving sis.. remind.. don’t to bz.. wit ur program.. remind..
u last sem.. :: kak cik..

hihihih.. yes.. tq sis.. remindd me…insyaALLAh..

I’ll try my best to manage perfectly.. smoothly.. excellently… =)

k.. not much to talk.. pray..n doa for me..