welcome bAck to uuM..


Semester break from 1.11.2005 - 31.12.2005
Erm.. quite long..hihi.. well..

I just spent my holiday stay at home..
went to members wedding..n9..t.intan..manjung..
travel kL..shah alam..make date..hihihi..

next.. cooking…reading..sleping..dreaming..chatting.. explore…etc

i leave tis msg quite early.. coz soon I will come back to uum…
on 30 nov, too bz.. to clean up all my things.. boxes..
books to new room.. huhuhu.. so.. take time to online soon..
so.. I put inside my blog to wish..hihihi..

haPPy new Year..2006 ^-^
moreover.. also wanna wishh to all my members.. ukhwah.com..

hanan.com.my.. raudhah.com.. nasyeed.com.. alwancomics.com..
all my members out there..my coursemates..IB students..
all d best in our FINAl year studies.. KEEP up !!

:::hAPPy neW year:: think sometin which can encourage u…
try achieve it!! caiyOOO… welcome to new revolation.. new season..

new life.. make better life than before.. hope ALLAH will allwyzz bless us
..::: remember pray HARD + work SMART.. insyaALLAh..
ALLAH will helps us.. who helps themselves….!!! =)

hope.. I will finish my study.. tis semester.. got one more sem…
hope.. I can manage time more systematic.. planning all the schedule..
may I will make sometin shock at once..

may I got flying colours in my final exam.. AMIN..amin…

Winners don’t do different things, they just do things different..
Dream what u dare to dream
Do what u dare to do..
And be what u dare to be…!!

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