>>templete utk posting ikim etc..

for those wanna posting link radio IKIm as inside my blog.. i can't post that kod html.. coz when i post.. lain yg appear.. so..sory.. can't post it.. so..just mail to me.. i gv the kod.. nuhay2k@yahoo.com

next...tis link for u post ur clock.. http://www.clocklink.com
tis for calendar + time for pray.. http://www.mukmin.info
tis for counter visit.. http://www.freelogs.com/create.php
n for shout box.. u just click link near my shoutbox..

ok..that's all .. i'm not so good in iT yet.. baru nk merangkak..heheh..
so..out there.. who hv any link to share.. just post ur comment in tis topic.. or mail me..

one more.. pd adik yg nk gambar cartun tudung pink...just click photo album..
n explore in cartun side.. u will see..then...just sve..ok..
( soryy i call u adik..if u senior age than me.. coz i don't no.. about u..anymore...
hehhe..tq for usha my blog.. c u.. )
till here.. thank's..