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Saturday 17th January 2004]

Saturday April 17th, saw demonstrations against the french ban on hijab in over 30 countries across the world. Here we cover the demonstration which took place outside the French embassy in London.
The London demonstration consisted of two parts, one marching from Marble Arch through central London to the embassy, whilst the other staying at the embassy, laying seige to it, with over 20 speakers addressing the crowds. The day was a great success with thousands attending, some having travelled several hundred miles to attend. Many different Muslim groups with differing agendas and outlooks came together, all united in solidarity with their sisters and brothers in France.

The ban on hijab was challenged on several levels. Some argued the issue as a human rights voilation - denying a woman her right to practice her religion by denying her the right to wear hijab, MAB banners refering to "hijab our choice" and "hijab our right".

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Salma Yacoub, Stop the War Coalition.

"Salaamu Alaikum
This attack on our hijab is just the latest on the so called war on terror. We say no to war. No to war! No to war!
And I will tell you what the link is. If they hadn't done this war on terror they wouldn't have to be attacking the Muslims in Europe as well. They have to justify their lies. Stop uncovering Muslim women, lets start uncovering their lies - of Bush and Blair instead!
They said they are going in to Afghanistan to protect the rights of Muslim women - why are they taking away the rights of Muslim women right here, now?
The extremism of the taliban is no less acceptable that the extremism of the secular fundamentalists right here in Europe. No to extremism! No to extremism!