# FigHting feAr Of faiLurE #

U can if u think u can
If u think are beaten, u are!
If u think u are dare not.. u won’t!
Success begins with ur own will
It’s all in ur state of mind
Life’s battles are not always won
By those who are stronger or faster
And sooner who wins is the
Person who thinks he can!!

we need to have faith in our abilities n to believe that we deserve to succeed these powerful affirmations will help u dissolve fear & instill faith in urself.

Apabila anda mengubah pemikiran anda
Anda mengubah kepercayaan anda
Apabila anda mengubah kepercayaan anda
Anda mengubah jangkaan anda
Apabila anda mengubah jangkaan anda
Anda mengubah sikap anda
Apabila Anda mengubah sikap anda
Anda mengubah tabiat anda
Apabilal Anda mengubah tabiat anda
Anda mengubah prestasi anda
Apabila Anda mengubah prestasi anda

Anda mengubah KEHIDUPAN ANDA…

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