=) cute sms.. ^_^

may u find hundred or reason to smile today
and may u be the reason for someone else to smile alwyzs.. - sarah +ila

flowers will die, the sun will set, but u r a person I won’t forget,
ur name is precious, its never grow old, its in my heart with letters of gold.. -wani-little

friend is a book with only 1 copy published
u r 1 of the best books ever written &
masterpiece worth reading million times & 2 be kept 4ever… -sarah

life’s like a novel..many chapters read n forgotten
but there’s one chapter I won’t forget..
it’s da chapter we become f.r.e.n.s =) - sarah+ila

today I learned that what is valuable is not whAt i hv in my life,
but wHO i hv in my life so..thank’s for being part of it.. -elly+shera

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